Congress 2018

The Humane Science Foundation stimulates and promotes human-based research methods, which provide more insight into the human body in general, into the mechanisms of human diseases and into medicines safety for the individual human being.

Medicines safety is a complex network, interacting the medicine or combination of medicines and its host the human body. Animal testing provides information about the interaction of a medicine and the body of an animal. This data is way off from the interaction of this same medicine to the human body.

The Humane Science Foundation has started to partner with organizations, who provide specific information about the way an individual human being is responding to a medicine. Donors of the Humane Science Foundation, who like to use these services, can benefit of a reduced price. is a private organization in the Netherlands, enabling people to test specific blood values. Looking into medicines safety, has composed a specific test set, testing the three most important organ toxicities: liver, kidney and heart.  Donors of the Humane Science Foundation profit of 20% reduction on this test, and 10% reduction on the other test profiles.

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